Data Acquisition

XTECH provides complete in-house capabilities for UXO clearance. Data acquisition includes all resources required to collect, analyze, verify and distribute site information. Data acquisition supports the larger aims of the project including target identification, quality control, and quality assurance. Site specific work plans are developed based on end land use and client needs.


XTECH uses Magnetometer and Electromagnetic (EM) detection equipment. Equipment configurations that best serve the project objectives are deployed for data collection. Limitations such as site, ground, time and instrumentation limitations can be overcome using a blend of detection equipment. UXO survey equipment can be backpacked, wheeled or arrayed; we offer mechanical towing as appropriate to the site.


XTECH utilizes a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform with fully integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection capabilities which permits us to track and verify all stages of development throughout the project life. Complete in-house GPS and GIS expertise ensures that project-specific requirements are met with fully customized systems development. The GIS allows areas of concern to be broken into manageable work units providing for safe separation distances between work forces and positive control of both those forces and the areas under scrutiny or in previously completed operations. The structure and accessibility of XTECH's Information Management Systems (IMS) allows complete integration of project data and provides transparency to stakeholders.


XTECH utilizes metre and/or sub-centimetre accuracy for GPS data collection. Differential and Real-Time Kinematic GPS technologies allow full customization of on-site controls. GPS technology is utilized for grid control, tracking of UXO and EM data collection. GPS data is integrated with GIS mapping to assist site control and provide objective quality control.