Disposal Services

XTECH services extend to offer disposal and certified destruction of surplus, time-expired or obsolete explosives. Uniquely positioned in Western Canada with Canada-wide service, XTECH Environmental Solutions offers a licenced disposal facility in Alberta in support of oil & gas exploration, mining, construction, and military operations. XTECH's disposal facility is NRCan licenced, is annually inspected and meets rigorous Federal regulatory requirements.


Transportation and destruction of explosives have been safely and successfully completed for multiple clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Chain of custody is maintained from the time of transfer through to destruction. Each operation is certified for the Client's corporate records.


In situ disposal is offered for items that may not be transported. Typical of military sites, ordnance items may be disposed of using customized techniques as applied by our skilled and qualified blaster technicians.


Certification for items free from explosives (FFE) is an invaluable service provided by XTECH. Military ordnance related items undergo three tiers of controlled chain of custody and inspections to guarantee safe transport and final disposition of military range scrap.


Please contact us for custom disposal programs.