UXO Solutions

XTECH specializes in Unexploded Ordnance and Explosive Ordnance Waste solutions, key elements are included below.


XTECH's expertise ensures site characterizations and residual risk assessments that are informed and  relevant. Cost effective and timely solutions are founded on client needs and stakeholder values. XTECH's third-party, independent assessments are essential tools for understanding existing challenges and, importantly, developing solutions; XTECH's portfolio includes private land-owners, First Nations, corporations and government agencies.


XTECH provides expert assistance in the avoidance of UXO for the purposes of non-EOD intrusive operations. Support of this nature has been provided to Oil & Gas Industry, Construction and Environmental Investigations.


XTECH has developed a safe, productive and cost-effective solution for large-scale UXO contamination. The Haz-Ex System consists of a hardened excavator complimented by a remote camera system and a stand-alone support vehicle. By combining the lightweight ballistic protection of a bonded ceramic composite with a fully integrated system of high tech components (GPS, Wireless Video, Remote Operation Capability) XTECH has developed an effective solution to the problem of remediating buried explosive material. As a company that is actively utilizing this technology for commercial work, XTECH is able to continually improve the Haz-Ex System and procedures to allow for optimal productivity and safety.

The Haz-Ex armour package consists of modular bonded ceramic composite panels bolted to a steel exo-skeleton protecting the operator from fragmentation and blast effects. Large ballistic glass panels allow for unimpeded vision. Operator productivity is virtually the same as an unprotected machine. The entire system weighs approximately 900 kg and can be fitted to any excavator or earth moving equipment. The armour panels are manufactured locally and can be custom designed to meet specific threat levels. The modular nature of the system allows for rapid replacement of any damaged panels and easy removal for storage or shipment.


XTECH has designed and developed the MPU for areas of UXO risk with high metallic OEW clutter. The MPU has been proven in active range clearance operations with great success. The MPU is safe and cost-effective solution for heavily contaminated areas.


XTECH offers UXO disposal operations and the transport of explosives to conduct those operations. XTECH personnel are qualified to carry out Free from Explosives Certifications and the transport and disposal of range scrap.