XTECH Explosive Decontamination Incorporated and sister company, XTECH Environmental Solutions Incorporated, provide total solutions for the management of explosives and explosive waste.

XTECH Explosive Decontamination offers a focus on military munitions and unexploded ordnance. Site assessment, risk analysis, detection, excavation and disposal provide cradle to cradle solutions for the re-use of land affected by military use.

XTECH Environmental Solutions ensures surplus and obsolete explosive disposal is provided at a licenced facility. The certification process for each item secures the guarantee of chain of custody and confirmation of destruction. Customized services provide a wide-range of options to meet both industry-specific and regulatory requirements.

XTECH is an established leader in providing turn-key solutions to hazardous materials issues. Proactive problem solving provides the highest guarantee of success for each project; our solid core of expertise garnered from over 20 years of industry-specific initiatives. We are confident that our team of experts are capable of fulfilling your requirements with customized solutions.